Friday, 12 July 2013

Tiki Island slot game - The best slot game you have ever experienced

In recent time the use of slot games are up to the peak and many people prefer playing these games rather than advanced graphic games because these tiki island slots may offer you plenty of fun and entertainment. Slot games can also be played easily in the online hence they are widely spread and the attention towards them is drastically increasing. Tiki Island slot game is one such type of slot game which is played most commonly by the Facebook users hence thus the usage of this slot game is day by day increasing where this slot game is made up of pacific island theme with brighter graphics.

This tiki island slot has got a huge welcome because they can increase your wager up to 10000 times of your betting amount if you winning. This Tiki island slots are built around in an exotic island paradise where the reels of this game consist of certain symbols such as tiki monkey, coconuts, flowers, puffer fish and a tribal warrior. There are two types of bonus games present in it they are the cheeky tiki nuts where this bonus game offers you plenty of coins filled coconuts which can be knocked for getting more coins then it are followed by another bonus game called the puffer fish bonus game where you will be popping out the puffers for making coins.

 You can also play up to a minimum wage of 1 p to $200 for each spin which can provide you a greater value of game. The main aim of this game is to achieve a winning combination of the tiki symbols where they can offer you a top prize of £ 100,000. Because of larger jackpots and two generous bonus games make the tiki island slots a best choice for all slot game fans. For further details and information please click